Cloud Services

Cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Services – these buzzwords are used everywhere now – but what do they mean? At its simplest, Cloud services mean using a computer system located on the Internet – often securely sharing a platform with other subscribers.

Prior to Office 365 arriving (and other hosted email services) you would have to own a Microsoft Exchange server to use business-class email – this could often be upwards of £5000 to install along with support contracts; for small businesses these costs simply didn’t add up.

With Microsoft Office 365 and its competitors you don’t need a whole server to run your email – you rent a securely segregated space on servers and simply pay for the users you need – it’s much fairer, especially to those businesses with lower than 250 users.

What else can the Cloud do?

Well, lots of things – namely:

Is it secure?

Any system is generally only as secure as it’s been setup – in the case of Cloud systems they usually have been setup prior to you using them by an experienced product professional – they are also kept up to date with regular maintenance and patches so you don’t have the headache of supporting the service.

Different clients – or tenants as they are usually referred to – are securely separated from each other so you merely use the service without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

My Internet Connection is terrible – does this rule Cloud migration out?

Well, no – but hosting services off-site is always going to be harder if your Internet connection isn’t up to it. Depending on the Cloud service you are interested in, we would recommend that you speak to us about your Internet connection so that we can give you different options. Please see this page for more information.

How can Galactech help?

We have been migrating customers and their data to the Cloud for years and understand the benefits and pitfalls of doing so. We’re always available for a free of charge chat about how Cloud services could help your business and have clear pricing so you know how much everything will cost before you make a decision.

We’re Microsoft Office 365 partners but also offer other options depending upon your business needs.