Why your company needs a Business Internet Service

Lots of businesses are using mainstream service providers for their Internet services now, but what happens when something goes wrong?

If a service provider supplies an Internet Router and this fails – they can often take days to diagnose and send a replacement – alternatively if a fault is due to customer provided equipment (your router for example) it can be chargeable as it is unsupported by the current service provider making their engineer call outs to your premises costly (a typical BT call out is around £250)

Local Support

If there’s a problem, you will deal with us directly

Rapid Equipment Replacement

No waiting for replacement equipment to arrive – we arrive on-site with it

No Hidden Charges

No risk of incurring BT Openreach charges

Problems Fixed

No lingering, unidentifiable problems that affect your business

What do we offer?

We offer a range of connectivity solutions including:

ADSL2+ – Standard speed Broadband up to 20mb

Fibre Internet – Superfast Broadband up to 80mb

Full Fibre Internet – Maximum speed up to 900mb

Leased Line – Business lines with guaranteed uptime

Wireless – Fast speeds where cabled connections are not possible

Save your business time & money

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