Networking and Data Cabling

Galactech provide a wide range of infrastructure services, including CAT5/CAT6, Fibre Optic and WiFi – all supplied by experienced engineers. We focus on delivering quick connections that support your business and all work is completed promptly and tidily


We have experience with cabling large and small. Whether you're a small home office in need of a reliable connection, a new build you're looking to future proof, or a large office in need of connecting a fleet of computers.

If you're interested in WiFi systems, we have a dedicated page covering everything you need to know and the services we can provide

WiFi Services
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Why use Galactech for your Data Cabling needs?

Free Consultation

We come out to survey the work for free - so that we can give you an accurate and no pressure quotation

10 Year Warranty

We are confident in the quality of our work and offer a 10 year warranty on all our cabling services

Fully Tested

All our cabling is fully tested and labeled, we can also Fluke test cables with certification on request

Total Understanding

We can work with the entire network, so we can provide a comprehensive solution

Whether it’s one point or a hundred, we can help, advise and install and, unlike other data cabling companies, we have staff that understand network switching – we can assist at every stage.

Cabling Services

We commonly install CAT5e or CAT6 cabling, but other options are available. Work ranges from:

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Copper Cable Connections


This is used for data cabling for computers and can deliver 1Gb connections over a 100 metre length. We use Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) cable for internal applications – in the case of fire these do not emit a thick toxic smoke.


This is used for data cabling with an eye on future expansion as it can deliver 10Gb connections up to 40 metres in length, or 1Gb over a 100 metre length. Again, we only use LSOH for internal use.


This takes the 10Gb speeds of CAT6 and extends the length to 100 metres using advanced shielding techniques.


This standard, whilst ratified, is rarely used outside of data centres, whilst it supports 10Gb in laboratory testing, it’s been shown to support 40GB at 50 metres and 100GB at 15 metres, meaning it’s a future proof solution.

Fibre Optic

Generally used for longer runs or “backbones” Fibre is available in Singlemode and Multimode forms and can typically deliver 1Gb links upto 800 metres (multimode) or 100 Km (singlemode) ensuring quick connectivity no matter the distance.

Wireless Point to Point Links

Suitable for use where cabling is not an option we can offer up to 1.2 Gbps speeds up to 100km – we install and support the complete solution.

Cable Tidying

Many companies end up with masses of unwanted data cabling under desks and filling cabinets. This can be due to either previous bad workmanship or simply not having the right tools – we can fix this and get rid of unslightly mess and tripping hazards.

Point repair

Often points can break either from external UV damage or more often they break internally after years of use. We can change these sockets out with quality replacements.

Cabinet installation

We provide and install cabinets to house your servers/switches/routers and all associated patching required. Data cabling will be terminated neatly onto Patch panels within the cabinet

Telecoms Cabling

Like data cabling we also provide cabling for telephones – from straightforward extension moves to complete re-wiring. We have experience of most phone systems and understand what is involved.

We always survey and quote prior to any work commencing and offer free advice as to how we can work together to offer your company the best solution. All work is guaranteed.

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