This blog post has been prompted by a request this morning to check an email for spam (A free service we provide), this spam email was a particularly nasty one, and we can foresee variants of it becoming wide spread. So we’d like to take 5 minutes to remind people about spam, the impact, and to warn you against today’s particular spam email.



This email is classed as Phishing – The email is designed to gather private information such as your email username and password.
As of 28/1/2019 – This particular variant is not flagged as spam (0 out of 38 detection services)

What you will receive is an email stating you have an unread message, or outstanding invoice, and will provide you a link to follow in order to view this message. This is pretty standard for spam emails. What’s unique with this message is that the link is in fact a genuine Microsoft Office link.

The link will forward you to Microsoft Forms, which is a questionnaire service similar to Survey Monkey, Zoho Survey, Google Forms, any many others. Unfortunately these services can be misused and this particular questionnaire has been made to look like a Microsoft login page, Entering your username and password will result in those details being emailed to the attacker.


Please treat any emails that request your username and password with caution – And you can drop us a call on 0330 127 6260 or forward us any emails you are suspicious of to our support email address and we can tell you if it’s genuine or spam for you.


Spam, Is it that bad?

We’ve got some great technology and processes in place to stop spam from reaching your inboxes. Unfortunately the war on spam rages on behind the curtains, Here are some numbers (Summary from 2018 figures) to show you what we’re up against.


45% of all email is Spam. That’s 14.5 billion spam emails sent each day


There are roughly 3000 variants in circulation at any given point in time. And attackers are constantly changing their tactics in order to get into your inbox


Why do they bother?

That’s a lot of emails – You’re probably asking why they bother? In 2018, 1 in 12,500,000 spam emails were successful in their attack. When you consider this against the 14.5 billion sent each day – Over 1000 people are caught out by spam every day.


Spam earns them around $7000 per day


Yep, We’re in the wrong jobs. I just want to highlight that this is the attackers earnings, the damages to you and your business are far higher! It’s hard to give a figure for how much it could cost you as an individual, but just consider the personal information you have stored in emails. Invoices, customer contact details, username and passwords for other services, Is this the email address used to reset passwords?


Don’t Panic

Now that I have you hiding under your computer desks, I want to reassure you that spam filtering technology is at an all time high and only getting better, We’re actively fighting spam for all our customers here at Galactech – We have a free service to check any received emails for Spam. Just get in touch with us on 0330 127 6260 or forward the email to us with a request to verify the message.

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