WiFi Systems

WiFi enables wireless connectivity to your computer network and the Internet beyond. Most homes and small businesses use WiFi built into Internet routers – but there are times when you need more performance from your equipment. This is where Galactech step in.

With our business-grade WiFi systems we provide enhanced speed and signal to every area of your premises

How can we help?

Our staff have been implementing, tweaking and upgrading WiFi systems for the last 14 years – we have great experience of giving clients the best cutting-edge technology for affordable prices.

Signal Issues

Signal issues? We survey and suggest upgrades and fixes for the blind spots.

We start with a survey to assess your current coverage using our professional surveying software – identifying signal blind spots and suggesting improvements to make sure signal is running throughout the premises.

Often, poor signal can lead to speed issues – throughput advertised on WiFi devices is frequently halved in real world scenarios and speeds are halved again with each bar of signal lost – meaning your poor signal could also be causing poor throughput.

Speed Issues

Speed issues? We understand networking – we don’t just install WiFi – we install complete network solutions, we can tell you where your bottlenecks are and fix them at a competitive price.

You might have an existing WiFi solution in place but it could be one of the older standards – 802.11b or 802.11g that are slow compared with the current 802.11ac technology. We can replace equipment to deliver cutting edge WiFi that will last you well into the future.

Interference can also cause speed slowdowns – with a high number of different devices using the 2.4GHz band (including but not limited to Bluetooth, Microwaves, Alarm Systems, TV Signal Senders) clashing signals from other devices or more commonly – other WiFi networks can bring your network to a crawl. We evaluate your network’s performance and present information in clear and plain English so you can make an informed decision.

WiFi Surveying

The best place to start is looking at your existing systems – we investigate all aspects of your current setup – the throughput, the connections and the signal.

If you provide us with electronic floor plans we provide you with a heatmap, like the example below

The heatmap provides an easy reference of what is covered and what is not – and what we can do to remedy this. We charge a small amount for our surveys; however this is deductible from any future WiFi work should you wish to proceed.

Public WiFi Systems

In 2018 offering WiFi as part of your service has become the norm and so Coffee Shops, Restaurants and even Offices are expected to have Wireless Internet for customer use. We offer systems that offer secure network separation - so both your client and your business are safe and feature social media login - to boost your online profile.

What’s wrong with giving the password that’s on my router?

From a security standpoint sharing your connection – the “admin” connection with guests is insecure and could potentially lead to attacks.

If as a business your credit card processing company requires you to attain the PCI-DSS standard this would typically be a failure.

By using separate Admin and Guest networks you can also limit the bandwidth given to Guests, so that your Admin Internet won’t grind to a halt because a customer is downloading large items.

WiFi Systems Support

We provide support services for WiFi networks using our comprehensive and responsive support tools we proactively monitor your systems to provide the highest uptime possible. When a fault is found we first attempt a remote fix – if the issue is still outstanding we attend site with equipment to remedy - all included under the support contract.


Café and Restaurants

We offer a full WiFi solution that securely separates your private, secure network from your customers access. Two Wireless networks – both with different passwords but using the same Internet connection.


Poor and slow WiFi can be a major issue for Hotels – ratings and reviews frequently mention it and with more people wanting to be connected whether travelling for work or pleasure it’s vital that your Hotel has a decent system.

Our systems are fully scalable and provide quality hardware combined with committed support to ensure your guests will receive top-notch connections.

We begin with a site survey to assess any current systems in place and coverage and present a full personalised quotation including a heatmapAn accurate scaled floor plan of the building in electronic format is required for this

We charge £60 for this service, which is deductible from the cost of the install if you wish to proceed.

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